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Karu New Zealand

Karu is a privately-owned company that specialises in facilitating economic development projects and strategic investment in regional New Zealand.

The regional focus reflects the critical need for both investment and vision to capitalise on growth opportunities. It is the regions that drive most of NZ’s export and visitor sector economy.

Accordingly Karu’s senior executives and its founder have invested in building netwroks and researching successful international business models that are aligned with the opportunities now apparent in regional New Zealand.

Buoyed by tourism and immigration, more sophisticated consumer trends and investor demand for projects characterized by scalability and sustainability Karu has established itself over time. Few other agencies or businesses have the experience or regional track record to leverage such a range of opportunities.

There are two key strands to the business.

1. Karu works alongside entities tasked with identifying sustainable and commercially viable projects characterized by growth potential and local business / investor appetite including local iwi. In this role Karu brings expertise in developing strategy, building partnerships, accessing specialist global networks and attracting investment funds.

2. Karu operates on a more advanced and specialist level identifying and developing the business case for opportunities conversant with trends that are yet to manifest themselves in the New Zealand marketplace. “Leveraging global trends through kiwi ingenuity and adaptation works well when realizing return on investment principles. Karu believes this is the pathway for those with vision to build both wealth and contribute to broader social enterprise and regional goals.

Francis Pauwels – Director

Karu NZ Regional Development Specialists

The word ‘Karu’ is Maori for eye and seeing. We tend to look for opportunities where others can’t see them or are unsure where and how to uncover them.
Karu also brings family associations – a reminder that everything we do impacts upon future generations. This alone ensures a high degree of values, ethics and responsibility to all our projects.